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Photo Gallery

2018 Prescott Workshop with Jennifer Carpenter

More 2018 Prescott Workshop pictures.

2018 Workshop with the Flanders Recorder Quartet

More Flanders Quartet workshop pictures.

2017 Prescott Workshop with Louise Carlslake

More 2017 Prescott Workshop pictures.

Prescott 2017 group photo

2016 Prescott Workshop with Letitia Berlin

More 2016 Prescott Workshop pictures.

2016 Vicki Boeckman Workshop

No other photos available.

2015 Prescott Workshop with Anne Timberlake

More 2015 Prescott Workshop pictures.

2015 Spring Workshop with Cléa Galhano

More Cléa Workshop pictures.

Clea Galhano Workshop Group Photo

2014 Prescott Workshop with Tish Berlin

More 2014 Prescott Workshop pictures.

2014 Prescott Workshop Group Photo

2014 Phoenix Pipes Workshop with Flanders Quartet members Joris Van Goethem and Bart Spanhove

More 2014 FRQ Workshop pictures.

2014 Workshop with Joris Van Goethem and Bart Spanhove Group Photo

2013 Prescott Workshop with Louise Austin and Paul Leenhouts

More 2013 Prescott Workshop pictures.

2013 Prescott Workshop Group Photo

2013 Workshop with Tom Zajac

More Tom Workshop pictures.

2013 Tom Zajac workshop group photo

2013 Workshop with Anne Timberlake

More Anne Workshop pictures.

2013 Anne Timberlake Workshop Group Photo

2012 Prescott Workshop with Louise Carlslake

More Louise Workshop pictures.

2012 Prescott Workshop Group Photo

2012 Workshop with Louise Austin

More Louise Workshop pictures.

Louise Austin Workshop 2012 Grou Photo

2012 Workshop with Annette Bauer and Shira Kammen

More Annette and Shira Workshop pictures.

Anette Bauer & Shira Kamen Workshop Group Photo

2011 Prescott Workshop with Louise Carlslake

More 2011 Prescott Workshop pictures.

Prescott 2011 Group Photo

50th Anniversary Celebration, March 13, 2010

More 50th Anniversary Celebration pictures.

2010 Prescott Workshop with Eileen Hadidian

More 2010 Prescott Workshop pictures.

Prescott 2010 Group Photo

For photos prior to 2010, see the History section of the website.