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Fuga: Allegro assai from Sonata No. 3 in A Major by William Boyce, performed by 10 members of Phoenix Desert Pipes at the Phoenix Early Music Society (PEMS) Kaleidescope, October 2017.

Weep Weep by John Wilbye, 8 members of Phoenix Desert Pipes accompanying Primum Mobile at the Phoenix Early Music Society (PEMS) Kaleidescope, October 2017.

Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie and Tourdion (Quand je bois du vin clairet), performed by 5 members of Phoenix Desert Pipes at the Phoenix Early Music Society (PEMS) Kaleidescope, November 2014.

Porquex Llorax, a Ladino tune performed by 7 members of Pheonix Desert Pipes at the PEMS Kaleidescope, October 2013.

Pavan by Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656), played by recorder players from Arizona Central Highlands Recorder Society-Prescott, Phoenix Desert Pipes, Arizona, and players from surrounding states, at the 10th Annual Prescott Recorder Workshop, August 2011, led by Louise Carslake.

Concert at Foothills Library in Glendale, AZ January 17, 2009

Rehearsing with lute player Scott Saari.


Desert Pipes a Two-Time Winner in the ARS Annual Play-the-Recorder-Month

Honorable Mention – 2013

Honorable mention chapter, Phoenix Desert Pipes uploaded their Porque Llorax performance to YouTube on Recorder Day!   The Desert Pipes are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year!  They will receive a gift certificate from Boulder Early Music. For the 2013 Play the Recorder Month article online, click here.

From the September 2013 American Recorder magazine, online version

First Place – 2010

Desert Pipes held their 50th Anniversary Celebration March 13, 2010.

Pictures of the event.

Desert Pipes (DP) of Phoenix was another winner [of the annual Play-the-Recorder Month contest]. They wrote, “We had one exciting, big celebration, a 50th Anniversary Party! After ARS Board member Bonnie Kelly’s visit to a chapter workshop in 2009, at which time she presented us with a certificate of recognition of our chapter’s history, we learned that our chapter is actually older than we thought. It was in 1958 that the Phoenix Recorder Society was founded by Sanford Kaye, a former student of Erich Katz in New York City. Mr. Kaye is over 90 years old and still living in the Phoenix area. His son shared early chapter documents with us, including a copy of the chapter charter granted to the Phoenix chapter by the ARS in 1962. We ‘averaged’ the two dates 1958 and 1962 and decided to celebrate our 50th birthday this year, in 2010.”

The anniversary celebration was held at a Phoenix church convenient for players from Phoenix, Tucson, Payson and Prescott. About 30 people performed or conducted, plus 35 audience members. Four former chapter music directors, with tenures going back to the 1970s, were invited to be honored, as well as a person who has been a continuous chapter member for 40 years! The recognition ceremony was followed by a DP concert, plus several other ensembles and guest performers from around Arizona, and an open play-in, with pieces conducted by three of the four former directors and the current director. A grand total of 65 people celebrated the birthday. Two classical guitarists joined the chapter in playing Dowland songs and as continuo players for Baroque pieces.

It was fitting to have guitars join in, as one of the earliest DP documents, a local newspaper article dated November 30, 1958, announces a joint concert of the Phoenix Recorder Society and the Phoenix Classical Guitar Society. The event also included informational displays about the ARS, DP and the recorder; photos and documents from the chapter’s history; CD and music book sales, and sales of tote bags and shirts with a special 50th anniversary logo designed and embroidered by a DP member; flyers for the 9th Annual Prescott Summer Workshop; and a favorite, the DP “garage sale.” Their event earned a gift certificate from Glen Shannon Music.

From the September 2010 American Recorder magazine


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